13 Ocak 2011 Perşembe

Midi Controller (Change your Instrument)

This instrument is a device created or adapted for any purpose of making sounds and visual material. Controlling data with midi protokol.

Midi Control Device

When I make music, I always try to change my mind, electronic is a greate tool to create something new. It is important to different perception when you create something new. Instrument is very effected way for this to create something new,
"Sense of Touch ", "Color", "Shape", and "How it look like" creating different behaviour for all.

I think that this process same for all artist. For example painters, designers, sculptors. They all use different instrument to make something. To draw line, to cut different cloth, to brush canvas. That's why, when if I boring my instrument which is what ? I change it to create something new. And it came to me different perception to control my data,  computer. Because every apparatus provide different human behaviar. In this way, I change my midi control device. I suggest to all :)

How can I do this device : This midi device base on m-audio radium midi keybord, here is the Turkish Explanation and first version link. Enjoy for all...