13 Ağustos 2008 Çarşamba

time - baran güleşen

Fragmented Time-Fragmented Form

Fragmented Time- Fragmented Form, is determined within the aim of bringing a critical approach to the illusion which is that the integrity within the society we live in can be provided only by continuum and searching alternative solutions besides the continuously flowing segments in the music.

Title: Time

Author: Baran Güleşen

Information: One of the most important problematic of physics is whether time exists objectively or not. As an example, if we go down from the shortest time interval named Max Planck Time, after the famous physician, we would come to the limits of three dimensional space in which we are and to the beginning of black hole.
Whether time is flowing or not and if it is, in which way it is flowing are also the most disputable subjects of the physics. It is inside all of the developments realized in Space-time. The cause and effect relation is related to flowing arrow and the reverse flowing arrow is theoretically possible.
As time is a dimension, it is possible to bend it like space. But Newton says that "Absolute time is flowing regularly without the need of an event or movement helping to measure it".

The show is discussing the matter of whether this flow is going in the same velocity like a watch or if it is a mechanism changed because of varying or external factors. If we add sand to a hourglass which is continuously flowing while we shrink and enlarge its hole and if we do it with sounds attached to the watch serving to time, what kind of a composition and integrity would be appeared? This is the whole performance (audio and visual material) is based on.

How the Performance will be Realized

Outside the sounds appearing while the normal flow and corruption of watch, the performer will set off the poems and sounds recorded previously with light sensors according to the positions of minute-hand, hour-hand and improvisation. Thereby, the performer will determine the temporal dimension with the sounds he assigned. He will create his own world.

As an example, the sound attached to hour-hand during the flow will be performed only when the hour-hand comes to the position of 0, 6, 3 and 9.


software : pure data , arduino, windows