13 Ağustos 2008 Çarşamba

love, hate, passion

Love, Hate, Passion

The show is composed of three section which are in interaction. I qualify the show as a digital theatre and my themes are love, hate and passion.

In this show, I take the sounds that I have recorded outside and process them in the computer environment with the instruments created by me, thus I create an audiovisual. While the images and sounds are serving each other, I realize a visual and audio performance live in stage.

Within the first section (love), I control the lights and sound, I transpose the two video images coming from light sensors, I associate the video images randomly but harmoniously, and thus I examine the interaction between them.


In the second section (hate), I use three piezo magnetic and a midi controller which I made to myself as instruments. Visually, photo frames are processing as synchronic to the music and they form a stop motion. The values coming from magnetic compose a harmony and form lines moving in the screen.


In the third and last section (passion), a vocal dimension is composed, and the sounds produced generatively within the previous part form a visual also generatively on the scene. As instruments, I use piezo magnetic, light sensors and midi controller.