23 Eylül 2012 Pazar

Threshold Photography

Threshold photography is not an official name in photography art. This is just an explanation to understand clearly what does mean the threshold in digital domain. For example this picture was taken by MacOS' program name is Photo Both , Effect name is "Comic Book" lets think again,  Is it comic ? :)
I think, It depens on.... It is not.  However, it is very enough to take some information how can we change colors and image something like that. This is a short writing about threshold in digital domain. I try to explain how it works according to my personal studies.

I think, best way to explain in my mind I'm going to give an another example, lets think about sound processing. Threshold photography like a distorsion effect in sound. Playing on limits, too much harmonics and gain. These are all push the limit in analog technologies... So, we try to make big if push the limits but, if we have a not size of that, how can we increase the values, if we have limited size....Read more