24 Ağustos 2012 Cuma


There are huge of fans about dub style music, especially wobble bass. Don't you think about that! Wobble bass is a key which people follow the line. Full range of frequency who doesn't care this full band noisy sound. In addition, young people hate from eachother, also they don't want to listen to all different sound when they say something, they want one :)
So, We have a new populer music style in this generation with agressive style music with wobble bass sound or instrument what you call. There are lots of tech to do this. Don't worry about which program best to do or instruments. This exm is only notation purpose to get understand clearly, how it work!
The decision is yours to big or flat to make wobble. It's completely different ambition actually. In short, creation of sound is completely different from that.

In this ex. I try to achieve to build a notation system to write wobble bass rhythm notation. Please follow the LFO rate knob. :)  I throw the musical notation system at this time. Because, It is boring. Press any key, what you feel! It is mean that this is lfo rhythm notation to use on wobble bass sound. You should use LFO rate parameter to cut your H freq. In this exm. I build a basic notation system to make computational, just making a scheme to think basically when perform.