18 Ekim 2010 Pazartesi

Sound CV BOX (first version)

This is the Sound CV project. The aim is giving information to listener about my sound and my curriculum vitae.

These pictures are not only show what is sound CV module also explanation how it is builded.

First of all I found two little speaker to modifiy. I used my old surround sound speaker system. I unscrewed the speaker as is seen on right and I placed back to back them. I used four long pin to integrate two speaker also it keeps tight to avoid sound vibration.

When listener push the sound player button to play (sound player plug in to speaker) Ryna who is text to speak engine guy start to give information about my sound and my curriculum vitae. Its mean that my presentation will start like a basic music player. When Ryan is speaking about me, my sound be heard behind the voice also it and Ryna interact with each other. There is no need to make or read for anything Just play the button and listen who is baran gulesen with Sound CV BOX.

Test video

this is the first version visit for the last version.